Share Your Reflections

This blog will be a place to share reflections about or recollections of Joan Iversen from all who knew her and are willing to share. I’m hoping to use it to really tell the story of who she was, which, in turn, will keep her memory alive for all readers. In addition, I have found in my own work that virtual communities can provide wonderful places for people to “gather” to remember someone and therefore provide some solace. Finally, I will share these memories in other formats (e.g., printed) with some people (like my dad) who are missing her and who also would really appreciate hearing what others have to share.

If you’re interested in sharing your recollections, please complete the form below and I will post what you share here. I will be spacing out the recollections posts a bit, just so I don’t overwhelm readers with too many at the same time. If you sign up for blog updates (see the top of the sidebar on the right of this page), you’ll receive notifications when something new is posted.

Also, please note that if you would like a photo included with your post (of yourself, Joan Iversen, or something you think is appropriate), please check the box at the end of the form and I’ll email you so you can send it to me. I’ll include it as long as it fits your post, and isn’t inappropriate for some other reason (e.g., copyright violation).

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