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Alter at Memorial Service

Alter at Memorial Service

Several people have expressed to me that they wish they had been able to attend my mom’s memorial service. My mother was not a religious person, but my mom did have some spiritual beliefs. So as we thought about her service, we decided to reach out to Oneonta’s Unitarian Universalist Society’s Reverend Craig Schwanlenberg to provide the service, because she had really appreciated a service she had done for recently deceased colleagues. Reverend Craig interviewed all of us in-depth and he ended up working with us to create a service that my mom would have loved– it even featured some content from her favorite TV series, The West Wing. 

Quilt with squares naming famous historical feminists

Quilt Made for Otsego NOW – on display at the service

I promise that it’s much more up-beat than it sounds like it would be. It was truly a celebration of her life, with lots of laughter and good stories from family members, friends, and former students. And afterwords, we enjoyed brownies and snickers bars in her name. So for those who would like to hear the service, here is an MP3 audio file If you would prefer to listen offline, you should be able to download the file here: Joan Iversen Memorial Service

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