Legacy Parkway

I was a non-traditional student at Oneonta in the early 90s and Dr. Iversen generously allowed me into her History of the 1960s as an overload. It was one of my favorite courses. Even though I had lived through the period, I had been too young to understand the significance of the powerful forces shaping the nation during that era. The love I found for the discipline at Oneonta led me to pursue a PhD at Binghamton University. As an advanced graduate student, the first course I taught on my own was The History of the Sixties! Several years later, as an adjunct instructor at SUNY Oneonta, I had the honor and privilege of teaching Dr. Iversen’s Sixties course there. She was a wonderful teacher and I was thrilled to be carrying on her legacy. She will be missed.

~ Dave Richards

Photo courtesy of Garrett on Flickr

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