Russ Padden & Joan Iversen 2002 at her 70th birthday

Russ Padden & Joan Iversen 2002 at her 70th birthday

I read an average of a book a week – usually History. Finished one Thursday, started another Friday. This is part of the legacy of having Joan as a teacher.

I took my first class from her as a Sophomore in 1970 and eventually took every class she taught. She awakened in me a love of learning and enhanced the desire to question the pablum that we are fed as “History.” I have often commented that if Joan taught a class in basket weaving I would have taken it… She was THAT good.

Joan, Jack and all the “kids” became good friends and have remained so over 40 years. In my mind I see them all as they were in the 1970’s. Their home on Elm Street brings back great memories every time I drive past it – almost all of them very funny.

Joan and Jack were quite a duo…think Burns and Allen, but make it Burns and Carlin…(as in George Carlin) and you get the dynamics.

She and Jack influenced thousands of lives – in a good way. I don’t mourn her passing, we all are on the same road. I am grateful that she was part of my life.

The world is a better place because of her influence. I am a better person because of Joan and Jack.

~ Russ Padden

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