History Department at SUNY-Oneonta, 1971

History Department at SUNY-Oneonta, 1971 – unnamed man in front row is Ralph Watkins

Perhaps you thought you would never hear Joan Iversen speak again? Fortunately, there are two interviews with her that were recorded as part of the Kitchen Table Conversations that are now housed at Milne Library, SUNY-Oneonta. Listen to her talk about “her education and the women’s movement” and, in the second part of the interview, the “development of the Women’s Studies Department at SUNY-Oneonta“.

The photo came from a clipping in Joan Iversen’s personal papers. I’m told that it was from the 1971 Yearbook, pg. 59 (thanks to Russ Padden for help identifying the source). Thanks to Mark Wolfgang for help identifying the last man in the front row.