My memory is not always clear. Specific facts or events seem to be more like quiet influences. I had always been turned on to learning before entering Oneonta in the Fall of 1976, but I could hardly imagine the desire to not want a lesson to end, like that longing when finishing a book, just wanting more. That is how I recall I felt in the classes I took with Dr. Iversen. She would stand at the podium, (do I recall correctly?), or elbows on her desk and provide the most thorough, rich, intriguing lessons in history. I didn’t want to leave the room. I believe I took every course I could – 20th century American History, women’s history, history through film, history of the 60s. Extraordinary. I am so pleased to offer my recollections, for me just writing this makes me want to return to her classroom but mostly it reminds me that inspiration comes from an authentic love of knowledge. With deep appreciation, I am grateful to have known Dr. Iversen.

~Denise Kronstadt (1980)

Denise Kronstadt in Albany lobbying with Senator Jon Bonacic

Denise Kronstadt, in Albany, N.Y., lobbying — with Senator Jon Bonacic. NYLJ 3/11/14 photo by Tim Roske

Top image adapted from photo, Tapestry of Freedom, from Gail Borden Public Library on Flickr