I just received my first update from the College at Oneonta Foundation and I’m excited to report that we have successfully raised $4,955! This means that we are almost at 20% of our goal (just $45 short, proof that every dollar counts).

I think this is really wonderful progress given that we have 5 years to reach our goal of $25,000 and that many people are still only just learning of my mom’s death. But just because we have 5 years to reach the goal doesn’t mean we need to take 5 years to reach it. The sooner we reach that goal, the sooner a student will receive the first scholarship award.

Thanks so much to everyone who has donated so far! I, and my family, really appreciate your support. I know my mom would be pleased, too, although she would also be pushing us to do better (since that was what she did ALL the time!).

Shortly, I will be making an acknowledgements page to publicly thank each person who has given. I will, of course, be contacting each person who has donated (the college will be sending me a list) to ask for permission to list your name. However, if you have donated, you can really speed up this process by letting me know it’s okay to acknowledge you here. If you’ve given, please complete the form below to let me know if it’s ok (or not) to acknowledge you. It will allow me to get your name up there faster and will eliminate the step of me bothering you by contacting you.