I began a blog presence for this scholarship fund in a dedicated page on my own blog, Virtual Connections. However, several people had creative suggestions for periodic updates and content that would help convey who my mother was. As I thought more about doing this I realized the blog needed its own space, both to allow people to more easily follow scholarship blog updates, and for the readers of Virtual Connections to stay focused on the content themes that they chose to follow. So here begins this new blog, one dedicated to honoring my mother, Dr. Joan Smyth Iversen, through sharing recollections and building the scholarship that will continue her legacy.

I anticipate a two primary types of posts, those focused on scholarship fund updates, and others focused on sharing recollections. I hope the recollections will come from a wide range of people: former students, colleagues, friends, and family. Over time, some other ideas for post will probably unfold, as well.

~ Nancy Smyth